Home is the Micro-Orchard

Home is the Micro-Orchard

OFRE values the importance of togetherness; a vibrant community strengthens all of us. For OFRE, community is defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a characteristic in common,” or “a feeling of fellowship with others established by shared beliefs, interests and goals.” We connect with the community through events, and we interact with people who share the same interests as we do.

The micro-orchard we designed and installed at McCauley School is home to OFRE and its community. It will always be a guiding light to our mission, vision, and values. We take great pride in our space for it is a place to gather, congregate, and share. We are grateful for those talented artists who have generously donated their time and expertise in the effort to better this organization. As our connections are solidified, OFRE becomes more resilient to unexpected crisis and challenging alteration.

Excellence in Illustration and Design

Home is the Micro-Orchard

We especially would like to thank, Jill Stanton, one of Edmonton’s leading illustrators who created our logo, and the high standard of excellence rendered in her work exhorted us to thrive as a new organization. We also would like to show gratitude to Justine Ma who contributed her talent for graphic design to the table we have in the orchard. The table required several days to optimum temperature without rain so the graphics could be painted, and a clear resin could be applied over the artwork.

We were honored to have Stephen Yettaw, an international stone sculptor, enthusiastically take on the project of carving our feature entry sign. The stone weighed over 3,000 pounds, and had been carved into a solid red granite. It took Stephen over a week of solid carving and cutting to carve our logo out into red granite and carve the text. Like how he had made all his sculptures, our stone was also carved at his mother’s fruit orchard — Flying Rabbit Fruit Farm in St. Paul.

Helpful Hauling

We also appreciate the help from Lee Grant, the owner of Fat Fred Hauling Co who not only picked up the rock but also drove our volunteers and our orchard manager Mike Johnson to meet with Stephen. Moments like that makes us realize that many people are great, caring, and loving; the community flourishes because of them.

Our orchard still needs improvement, and we look forward to collaborating with bicycle commuters to design and build new bike racks for the orchard. We expect something amazing to take place in January for the man behind the pedal powered apple crusher has agreed to work with us again! We also have benches to fabricate out of offcut glulam beams donated by Western Archrib, an Edmonton-based company.

Thank-you to All Our Volunteers

Home is the Micro-Orchard

As we wind down for the season, we want to thank all our volunteers for their efforts in growing fruit, picking fruit, sharing fruit, and working as active members of the board. We are so grateful for your energy and enthusiasm. We will keep you posted on events for next season.

Step by step, we continue to build our community and share our stories to inspire you to find the fruit hidden in our city.


What if Food Waste Could Feed the Hungry?

What if food waste could feed the hungry

(Image provided by the NFB)

“Cooking is a call to act.” – Massimo Bottura

You will not want to miss this exciting new film, a National Film Board of Canada – Triplex Films International co-production, coming to Edmonton’s Metro Cinema just before Christmas.

Short Synopsis

“In an extraordinary soup kitchen in Milan, two vastly different worlds have been brought together by a unique social experiment. Theater of Life captures the remarkable relationship forged between the finest haute cuisine chefs in the world and the city’s most disadvantaged groups: refugees, recovering drug addicts, former sex workers, and a host of others with no place else to go.

For Expo Milano 2015, renowned chef Massimo Bottura, whose Osteria Francescana was named world’s best restaurant in 2016, invited 60 of his international confrères to join him in transforming food destined for the dumpster into delicious and nutritious meals for Italy’s hungriest residents. But the documentary delves far deeper than this important food story: it captures the moving encounters of guests at the soup kitchen who have found a welcoming community there, showing us glimpses of their heart and soul in the process.

A visual feast in itself, Theater of Life puts a human face on its powerful message of social justice while raising awareness about the enormous environmental impact of food waste.”

–synopsis provided by the National Film Board of Canada


Theater of Life, directed by Peter Svatek, National Film Board of Canada

Confirmed Edmonton screenings at the Metro Cinema:

  • Friday Dec.23, 4:30 PM
  • Monday Dec.26, 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday Dec.27, 9:15 PM
  • Wednesday Dec.28, 7 PM

The Gargantuan Potluck

Greeting All,

OFRE want to remind everyone about the amazing potluck that we are having in partnership with The Edmonton Permaculture Guild at the OFRE micro Orchard This Thursday!!!.  We will have our feature 10′ diameter table installed just in time to house all the food.

We will also be setting up our fruit press.  So if you are a home owner and your pick was cancelled, we OFRE you a solution to all those apples!  Pick them and bring them to the Potluck and enjoy fresh pressed cider from your apples!  IF your tree is not ripe yet, please check our fruit pressing schedule to know when you can drop off fruit to be pressed so we can minimize food waste.

We invite you to come join the fun, share stories about your fruit, and meet fellow growers, pickers and learn more about The Edmonton Permaculture Guild and Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton.

This is a Free Event and All Are Welcome! Family, Friends, Food and Community

Picnic at the Orchard

OFRE Event Calendar 2016


Join us at the Orchard!  Located behind McCauley School at 9538 107 AvenueOFRE is hosting or participating in the following events and want to see you all there!  We could always use help from like minded individuals and organizations.  If you are interested please send us an e-mail to with the subject line : Volunteer on committees  info@operationfruitrescue.org.

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you there!


Become a Member of OFRE for 2016

The fruit season is almost started!

If you want to volunteer to rescue fruit with us, you must have a membership with OFRE.

Perks of becoming a member:

    • Participate in fruit rescue, donate fruit to food charities, and take home fresh picked, local fruit for your efforts
    • Attend workshops on canning, cider making, etc.
    • Work with various community organizations to help support the local food movement.
    • Learn about your local fruit biodiversity, and what types grow in the greater Edmonton area. (you will be surprised with what grows here!)
    • Attend and vote at our annual AGM.


To purchase a membership click on the appropriate link below:

**Low income (If the membership fee is more than you can afford, contact us by email and we can work towards a solution. admin@operationfruitrescue.org)

Each membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st.

*NOTE* To sign up as a FRUIT RESCUE VOLUNTEER, click on the link at the end of the PayPal payment that directs you back to the site, and WAIT for the form to load. Filling in this form will set you up to get email invites to fruit rescue events.