When did OFRE start?  
OFRE began in 2009 as a volunteer group. Please refer to our About Us page for additional information.

Do we rescue fruit outside Edmonton? We rescue fruit in the great Edmonton area which can include Edmonton, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. The majority of our fruit picks happen in the city of Edmonton because our picks are based upon volunteers and their location, transportation, etc.

When did OFRE become a non-profit? In 2013 OFRE incorporated as a non-profit society in the province of Alberta.

Are there other fruit rescue organizations in Canada? Yes, there are lots and more popping up each year. Check our website for a list of fruit gleaning organizations in Canada and around the world. If you know of one and don’t see it on our list, let us know!

What type of events does OFRE host? OFRE hosts cider-making parties, fruit preserving workshops, fruit picks, apple maggot workshops, volunteer appreciation events, and more. Visit our Projects & Events page for more information.

Do we sell products made from the rescued fruit? No. we ran a pilot project in 2012 selling our jams, jellies, and apple cider at farmers markets in Edmonton. Currently, we don’t sell or make products for sale. IF you are looking for products made from locally rescued fruit, you can check out Fruits of Sherbrooke.

Fruit Pick Volunteers:

Who can become a member of OFRE? Anyone! If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton, go to our Become a Member page.

Why do I need a membership to be a fruit pick volunteer?  You need to be a member of OFRE in order for our liability insurance to cover you and us when you are at OFRE events. Funds raised from membership fees go towards admin costs and a year of end gathering to thank our all our members & volunteers.

What is a fruit rescue? A fruit pick is an event organized by OFRE to harvest locally grown fruit at someone’s residential property in the greater Edmonton region.

How do I sign up for a fruit rescue?To sign up for a fruit pick, you first need to visit our Become a Member page. Once we receive your membership fee, we will send you a volunteer registration form to fill out so that you can find out about events such as fruit picks.

What do I need to bring on a fruit rescue?  Fruit picks are outdoor events and it’s best to dress accordingly. They can be rain or shine events.  Some suggestions are: wear comfortable footwear, bring layers of clothing with including a rain jacket. Bug spray, sunscreen, water, and anything else you may need to enjoy the pick.

Can I forward a fruit rescue notification email message to a friend? No. Email notifications from OFRE to our volunteer fruit pickers are considered private correspondence. Everyone who has received the message has done so because they have signed up online by filling out the registration form. Our fruit pick volunteers must become members of OFRE in order to be covered by our liability insurance, so please sign up if you would like to come on a fruit pick with us. They are lots of fun for all ages!

Fruit growers:

How do I register to have my fruit rescued? Click on the Fruit Grower Registration  link to fill in the registration form.

Why should we give 7-10 days notice of when our fruit is ready? OFRE asks that all fruit growers give 7-10 days notice of when they think their fruit will be ready. This helps our admin volunteers give enough notice to our fruit pickers so they can sign up for the event. NOTE: Please do not schedule too far in advance as fruit ripeness changes from year to year with environmental conditions. We also don’t have staff who can alter your harvest requests if the timeframe of ripeness changes for your fruit rescue.

What if I have more than 1 type of fruit on my property? That’s great! When you register as a fruit grower, indicate all the types of fruit that you want to share. When it comes time to harvest your fruit, fill in the Fruit Rescue Request Form ONLY for the fruit that is ready at that time.  As the rest of your fruit ripens, fill in the form again to request another harvest. This ensures that volunteers will arrive when the fruit is ripe. NOTE: The Fruit Rescue Request Form will be sent to you via email after you register as a fruit grower.

How do I determine how many fruit pick volunteers I need? Depending on how much fruit you have and what type it is will determine the number of volunteers you need for a fruit rescue. 2 volunteers are the minimum as we like to keep the events community oriented. Here are some suggestions that might help.

  • Rhubarb bush(es) – 2 volunteers
  • Raspberry patch – depending on the size and how many berries are ready – 2-4 volunteers. Everyone loves raspberries!
  • Cherry tree – 2-3 volunteers
  • Fully loaded apple tree – 3 volunteers
  • multiple fruit trees in your yard. e.g. two fruit trees 4+ volunteers, three or more trees = 3-6 volunteers

Is there anything I can do to help the fruit pick volunteers? If you have a ladder or other helpful equipment leave it out for them to use. There is no need for you to be there at the time of the pick unless you would like to be. Some of our fruit owners have even joined us in harvesting the fruit, sharing stories with us.