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Fruit Tree/Fruit organizers: Amy Beaith (Director), fruit captains, administrators, and other amazing people.

This year, we have online forms for fruit growers and fruit pickers. Please fill the form that applies to you. If you have fruit to share and also want to be a picker to get a larger variety of fruit, or meet new people also interested in all things fruit, that’s great, just fill out both the picker and grower forms so we have you on both of our lists.

The forms can be found here:

NOTE: If you participated with us last year as a fruit grower, we need you to fill out the new form. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the form is short and easy to fill out. It should only take you a few minutes.

If you have a question or comment, please get in touch with us via email:
You can also call and leave a message at: 780-433-2235. This number is for GENERAL inquiries only. Please register your tree by using our online form when possible. This ensures that your request can be processed more efficiently.

31 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hi!
    I’ve got a bigger apple tree in my backyard that certainly needs some harvesting. I’m really hoping there is still a way to have you folks come and use the apples that are still on the tree.
    Thanks, Jeff

  2. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry for the delay in response. Whereabouts are you in the city? Best way to communicate these questions to us is to our email: In terms of relocating trees, that is quite possible. I know some of the community leagues have been planting fruit trees and gardens, so perhaps contacting the community league organizer through the city of Edmonton would be the best bet.

  3. jennifer leshchyshyn

    hello there my sister in law just recently moved to a house just outside the city in cardif alberta . she has a cherry tree (eating type ) ,pin cherries ,choke cherries , and several apple trees (type unknowen ). As it is out of the way I am wondering if we harvest the fruit ourselves, where can we bring the fruit so it may be donated where it can be used ,ie : distrubited to food bank ,shelters ,soup/food kitchens ect.. . Also we have one other question as she has no intrest in having fruit trees ,using or maintaining them is there any groups that relocate fruit trees to comunity gardens /or food bank gardens ,i know some of the states and back east have similar projects .,she would prefere to have the trees relocated the have the tree cut down and go to waste . thankyou so musch for any answers you may have .your group is doing a wonderful thing,i am sure it helps many people get by ..

  4. Hi there. have the crabs been picked already?

  5. Hi there. thanks for getting in touch with us. please fill out our fruit growers form which can be found on our website. this is the best way for us to gather your information and will do our best to get out and pick your fruit this season.

  6. hi there. whereabouts are you located? please fill out our fruit growers form on our website and we will do our bst to com pick your tree soon.

  7. I have a crab apple tree ready for picking in Edmonton. Anyone wanting the apples can have them all. Loads due to the very mature tree. Let me no please. Thanks

  8. We have large picked crab apples, please let us know if u can use them. U can call 780 476 0168

  9. We will deliver large crab apples. U can call 780 476 0168

  10. Orasia Yereniuk

    I hope that you can give me some guidance. My mother (87 years old!) has two mature apple trees in her back yard. Her crop is, as usual, is outstanding. These are very unique apples — sweet, crisp, excellent for eating or juicing or baking. And they are 100% organic.
    Is it possible for her to access volunteer help in harvesting her crop?
    Many thanks!

  11. So I might sound greedy here, but I want to keep my precious apples to myself…hahaha ;)

    We have a lot of them and we already do a lot to preserve them. We really want to juice them, but not manually…

    Does anyone know of a business that will do this for you?


  12. Hi Maureen
    I would love to come pick apples :)
    Please email me
    And maybe we could make arrangements :)

  13. Have a lot of good cooking apples available. Make great pies, sauce, etc. Will be picking them soon. Let me know if you can use some.

  14. I have an Uncle in Edmonton with an apple tree and he is in dire need of your help with picking. Please contact me at 780-413-9234 for further info so you can get the apples.

  15. Hi Cherri,
    I was happy that someone responded but unfortunately, with this heat we have had for the last week, I think the crabs are too ripe for making jelly. They are fairly soft and not very juicy. I may have to pick them and throw them all. Thanks for your interest though. If you want, you can contact me at 780-438-2925.

  16. I am willing to come pick apples :)
    Can pick and share them…..Could probably even bring back some jelly!!!! (When its ready of course)

  17. Would love to come pick apples…
    I’m new to this site, so I don’t know how we are supposed to receive messages or contact anyone….

  18. Hi there, I have recently moved to the country, and have been excited about learning to can….I made Apple Jelly, but I think the apples were too sweet….I need to save the rest (or the juice that I have saves)by adding crabapples….I would love to come pick from your trees…And bring back some jelly when it’s ready!!!!

  19. Great Idea!
    I have very prolific apple trees that we can not possibly get to. One is large apples for excellent pies and sauce. The other is a red crabapple that makes very good juice and jelly. They are both ready right now and You can keep the whole harvest if interested.

  20. I forgot to check the box in case anyone want to reply about the crabapples. I’m not sure how this all works.


  21. Hi -
    We have a very simple recipe for crabapple juice that my Mom found (in the newspaper, I think). It tastes awesome and is mega-simple:

    1 Ice Cream pail of crabapples
    5 tsp Cream of Tartar
    5 quarts (litres) of boiling water

    Wash crabapples, cut in half – let sit 24 hours in water solution; drain apples out. Voila – really tasty juice. You can compost the left over apples, or use them. I think Mom uses some of the leftovers in pancakes.

    To make this even easier: you don’t even need to pull the stems off or cut the crabapples.
    You can even skip the Cream of Tartar if you
    don’t have any – just put the clean crabapples in boiling water and leave overnight.
    The juice is a really nice color, tastes awesome chilled. We don’t add sugar, but you can add some to the boiling water if you like it sweeter.

    I should warn you that this doesn’t work with ordinary apples – even if they’re cut up. It is a waste of time and apple, no taste at all.

    So does anybody want to come and pick crabapples in our area???


  22. You are doing a wonderful job with this. It is appreciated by many families across the city.
    If there are people out there with vegetable gardens that they would like to share potatoes & carrots etc – I would be more than happy to come out & do a little work to get a few potatoes & veggies for my family.
    My kid & myself we are disabled by muscular dystrophy & AISH has to be stretched – if we could get a hand up with some veggies – it would be appreciated greatly.
    I have put ads in the papers asking for garden veggies over the last few years & have not recieved a reply to any of the ads. Yet I hear people complain how their gardens have gone to waste. I am hoping to get a reply or 2 to my request this year. We could use potatoes, carrots etc. If you can pass this along – I would really appreciate the hand up. Thank you. e-mail:

  23. Free Crabapples totally organic no pesticides – lots to pick. Would like a few other types of apples (suitable for pies as my 1/3 share) I don’t like crabapples at all but would appreciate some pie apples. Thanks so much and what an excellent idea! Yay! 11912-54 Street Edmonton T5W3M9 587-785-3705 Have Baby Hypoallergenic bunnies for sale as well 60.00 each litter trained and do not bite or scratch and very very soft and cuddly looking for non-smoking, non alcoholic, no drugs, just nice stable home in every way with nice kind gentle families and financial stability to meet the bunnies vet needs or food and supplies. Cages available at 140.00 and 80.00 new never used.

  24. Free Crabapples totally organic no pesticides – lots to pick. Would like a few other types of apples (suitable for pies as my 1/3 share) I don’t like crabapples at all but would appreciate some pie apples. Thanks so much and what an excellent idea! Yay! 11912-54 Street Edmonton T5W3M9

  25. I wonder if there are any similar programs across the country? What a coincidence I was just adding to my blogs on how to get free food.

  26. I have an apple tree that makes great pies and apple sauce but can not pick them myself.
    Would love to have you come and take them.

  27. pamela honore

    I have a crab-apple tree out front that is loaded this year. I have already taken what we need for the winter and have scarcely made a dent. I would love to have someone pick and use these apples, which make lovely pink applesauce that needs no sugar. Passing children are staring to have apple fights and make a mess on the street!

  28. Kisa Mortenson


    There are fruit trees outside emergency at the Grey Nuns Hospital. I have never seen the fruit being picked. Usually, it just falls to the ground.

    Maybe someone at GNH would let you and your crew pick it for the Foodbank?

    Great idea!


    PS I can see seniors liking the help with their fruit trees. Have you let seniors groups know about your project?

  29. Kenton Dechant

    I just heard Jessica on CBC radio. Good job!

    I heard that you plan to juice apples with a steam-juicer. I used to do that, but only got 5 quarts from my tree, and too much heat in my house from the stove on so long. When I switched to a grinder-juicer, I got over 40 quarts from the same tree and I get it all done in a few nights! Contact me if you want more details.

  30. I will ask about the pictures. I think they are copyright of the Journal but maybe they will share some with us. Next time I will be the photographer ;)

  31. Thank you I really enjoyed the evening, I am in Millwoods, I had a ladder with me, but were we were everything was arms length.

    Will any of the pictures be posted?

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