Voting for the Aviva Community Funding Grant begins Nov 14th – Please vote!

Well, fruit season may be over, but OFRE volunteers have been busy this fall planning for the next season!

OFRE has put together a funding proposal for the Aviva Community Grant competition and needs your support. This is a social grant and making it into the semi-finals depends on getting enough votes from people who support your project.

What does OFRE hope to do with the funding?

We hope to secure a space in the city for OFRE to process cider from Edmonton grown apples, host canning workshops and help people develop food preservation skills, develop a small lending library with resource materials for members, pay for a coordinator position for 1 year, and buy cold storage units to keep fruit fresh until it can be processed. OFRE has run on the goodwill of volunteers for the past 3 years without adequate funding and needs funding to continue. We have a solid plan in place to grow sustainably, benefit the community, and give back to Edmontonians.

We love rescuing fruit, sharing in with charitable organizations, and teaching Edmontonians about local fruit. Please read our proposal found in the link below for more information.

Help OFRE win by voting for us! Every vote counts and your support means a lot to us!

Voting runs from Nov 14th (today) until Nov 30th.

Click on this link:

Then register in Aviva and get voting! You have 15 votes and can vote for each idea once per day.

Thanks again and wish us good luck! If you have any problems, let me know and I’ll do my best to help.