Voting begins! OFRE’s community cider shack project!

Have you ever tasted OFRE cider? If so, I bet you agree it’s the best in town! It’s unique, it’s pedal-powered, every batch has different variety of apples in it, and it’s made by volunteers who build sweat equity and go home with some cider for their efforts. Sounds like a win win, right?!

carbon farmer grant poster

What is in store for OFRE in 2013? OFRE has applied for a micro-grant funded by The Carbon Farmer to get some funding to help us build a community cider shack! We want to build on the success of the small cider events we have held in the past to having a permanent location for processing cider. This would be a place for OFRE members to come together to process their apples and walk home with cider for their efforts.  Pressing cider is a family friendly event. Everyone can get involved from the old to the young. Sweat equity is encouraged followed by generous consumption of delicious cider from apples grown right here in your city!

OFRE’s vision is to get the fruit in the hands, mouths, and minds of Edmonton’s citizens. Help us get more fruit picked, pressed, and enjoyed and reduce the waste that ends up in the landfill!

What can you do to help? Vote for us on the Facebook contest page. You can vote once a day for the whole month. It’s a highest number of votes wins kind of contest, so vote often if you can!

Thank you for your support!