Fruit Grower Signup

Organizing a fruit rescue on your property is a two-step process:

  1. Register as a fruit grower by filling in the Fruit Grower Registration Form below.
  2. Request a fruit rescue ONLY when your fruit is ready by completing the Fruit Rescue Request Form. This form is sent to you via email after you register as a fruit grower.

Fruit Registration

Thank you for sharing your fruit. Please register your fruit by completing the following form. Pertinent information will be shared with our Fruit Pick Coordinator and Fruit Pick Volunteers, and otherwise will be kept confidential. PLEASE NOTE: At this time we cannot guarantee that your fruit will get picked as it is dependent on the number of volunteers we have.
  • We use email as our main form of communication.
  • We are collecting this information for research purposes. The City of Edmonton is conducting a pilot project on apple maggot and they have enlisted our help.