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What fruits do OFRE fruit growers have to share? Did you know pears grow in Edmonton?

Last year we set up online google forms for our fruit pickers and fruit growers. One of the nice features of the forms is you can create summaries of your data. This is a summary of what fruits our fruit growers have to share with OFRE. This visual is really great to see. I was under the impression we had more cooking/baking apples and less eating apples, but not so. Nice to see several rhubarb listings too. This will be ripe soon! I can’t get over we have 12 pear trees! When we started OFRE back in 2008, we only had 1 or 2 pear tree fruit growers, now there are a dozen! Did you know that pears grew in Edmonton?

Fruits grown by OFRE Fruit Growers

Apple Maggot Workshop. May 25th

Hello OFRE donors, fruit growers, and member of the general public,

If your apples fell to the ground before they were ripe, or were covered in bruises while still on the tree, you probably have an apple maggot infestation. Now is the time to act!

To learn how to control for this pest, come to the apple maggot workshop on:

Tuesday, May 25, from 7 – 8:30 p.m. at Inglewood Hall 12515 – 116 Ave.

Hear the experiences of other local apple growers, learn how to make apple maggot traps, and take home traps to help reduce apple white fly in your own trees. Offered in conjunction with Inglewood Community League.

Free for OFRE fruit donors, $2 for Inglewood Community League members and $5 for the general public.