Sunday Sept 27 pick in North-East

Hello everybody –

Hank is unavailable for picking for the next couple weeks, so with his
help I’ve arranged an OFRE picking in the north-east this weekend.
Please come and help us out! Here are the details:

We’ll be meeting at 11:30am to pick apples – there are
six apple trees in total, at least two with good apples still on them.
The owner may or may not remember to leave out his ladder for us. He
doesn’t want any of the apples, so they’re all for us and the food

There are 2 other homes in the area, one with nice eating apples (I’m
not sure of the details for the other) – depending on how things go,
we will probably move on to at least one other location. We welcome
latecomers. Please get in touch if you think you might come, especially if you can
bring a ladder!