Snow is here – thanks everyone for an amazing 2010 season!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to all our helpers and generous fruit growers who shared their time and fruit with edmonton folks. We had a great season that saw us picking more apples than last year as well as getting more and more requests.

Winter is a time to reflect on the seasons past and this is just what we will be doing over the coming months. We had an amazing summer/fall of fruit, and even got to make raw apple juice with a press and crusher. We hope to be able to do this again next year. the juice was so delicious!

For all you great volunteers out there, we will be having a potluck or two over the winter to celebrate OFRE and share ideas, etc. with each other. Stay tuned in the coming weeks. Once times/dates are picked an email will be sent out to all the volunteers with more information.

Take care and thank you for so generously donating your time and your fruit!


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