Rides for Rhubarb a success!

The rhubarb bicycle tours this weekend on saturday and sunday, were overall a success.

Sunday was much better attended than Saturday, so I will take that into consideration when planning future events to see if Sunday works better for most people.

We rode to 3 houses on each day, picking houses within a short-to-reasonable biking distance from each other that most people whether you were an avid bike rider or not could attend and enjoy. All the homeowners were happy to have us come pick their rhubarb, and I even received a phone call afterwards from a homeowner to say thank you for taking it all. It was his mother’s house and she is elderly and can’t use the fruit or keep up with how fast rhubarb grows.

Following the ride on Sunday, riders were invited back to my house to do some preserving. We had fun weighing our ruby red treasure and were surprised that over the two events, we collected 125 pounds of rhubarb! wow!

We sat and talked, listened to music, and got to know each other over food. We chopped rhubarb, made cordial, and then enjoyed some fresh rhubarb crisp that I had whipped up and put in the oven to cook while we were busy doing other things. It was delicious and lovely to share with everyone.

Thank you all for coming and helping with organizing the picks/preserving. The nice thing and sometimes the curse of rhubarb is how fast it grows. With this knowledge in mind, we will plan another rhubarb bicycle ride for the summer. Maybe in July.