Ride for Rhubarb – Saturday and Sunday (June 25th & June 26th)!

Spring is here and it’s bike month in Edmonton. Time to ride and pick!

What is it? In honour of bike month, I thought it would be fun to do a rhubarb bicycle tour. Anyone who wants to come pick rhubarb, come along!

Where and when is it? Saturday: We will be meeting on the southside at a place TBA on Saturday, June 25th, @ 1pm. We will be picking rhubarb at a few places, and riding around the city with rhubarb on our backs and bikes. Sunday: We will be meeting on northside at a place TBA near the stadium, June 26th @ 1pm. Same idea as Saturday, except on the northside of the river.

Processing: In addition, on Sunday, we are hoping to go to a community league afterwards to process some of the rhubarb together making pastries, bbq sauce, and juice, most likely.

How can I help? I need volunteers for a few more planning items, so if you are interested in helping out, send a message to: ofre.edmonton@gmail.com. e.g. make pastry ahead of time, bring items like sugar, flour, jars to the community league, taking photos of the rhubarb riders, etc.