Our Partners

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton (OFRE) wants to help get a lot more fruit & vegetables rescued and shared in the City of Edmonton. Starting in 2014, OFRE has partnered with the following organizations so we can help build a strong and fruitful local food synergy in our city!

Riverbend Gardens

For the past two years, OFRE has partnered with Riverbend Gardens to do a farm glean following the final harvest. In traditional OFRE style, a portion of the rescue goes to a local charity, with another portion going to our volunteers. Last year we donated 5 tonnes of root veggies to the Salvation Army and sent our volunteers home with lots of veggies to help get them through the winter. We love this partnership for helping reduce food waste and build stronger, sustainable food systems in Edmonton.

Fruits of Sherbrooke

Fruits of Sherbrooke was started in the fall of 2010 by 3 residents of this older neighbourhood in Edmonton.  We saw apples rotting on the ground and knowing that there were hungry people in the city, decided to turn the forgotten fruits into food. This not-for-profit enterprise has grown beyond apples and beyond our own boundaries. Volunteers gather throughout the city and accept donations brought by homeowners who are happy to find a place where their fruits will be used. We make jam, jelly, condiments and sauces that are made with 60% – 100% rescued fruit. We sell at local farmers markets and in some retail locations in the city.

Keeping with our mission of having these fruits used to feed people, we have been active in distributing fruits that are excess to our needs to group homes, charities, food banks, community kitchens, and any food program or individuals who will use them. In September 2013 we diverted 8,000 kg apples to these and other recipients. We teach jam making classes and will be working with inner city programs to teach how to turn the abundant apples into wonderful applesauce and fruit leather. It is through the sale of our products that we support these initiatives as we are totally run by volunteers.

Fruits of Sherbrooke –  forgotten urban fruit made unforgettable.

Shovel and Fork

Shovel & Fork was born in a pear tree. Kevin and Chad posited that were there an opportunity for folks to learn old-school food skills, that the world would be a better place. Every single last one of you who’s been at a Shovel & Fork event has helped make that a reality. This fall, again we will be hosting a series of cider making classes, to help reduce wasted fruit in the city and keep brewing our favourite beverages. We are proud to partner with the passionate and committed OFRE crew – lets save some fruit!


Lactuca Farm is an urban farming operation just minutes from downtown Edmonton. We use organic growing methods to produce a broad array of hard-to-come-by varietals of the highest possible quality – delivering it in as sustainable a way as possible, often by bike.

Lactuca currently supplies the 124 Grand Market and several of Edmonton’s top restaurants with urban-farmed veg. Our flagship product is ready-to-go hyper-seasonal salad mixes, but we also are growing out some cool varieties of radish, carrot, beet, and such.