Operation Fruit Rescue in the north end

Greetings all.

The next picking day for Operation Fruit Rescue in the north end will be Sunday, August 30 at 2:00 p.m. We’ll meet at 9535 108 Avenue. There are four places in the neighbourhood where we can pick regular apples, crabapples, and rhubarb. Since the owner won’t be using the fruit, we’ll do a 50-50 split between the pickers and (since the Food Bank won’t take crabapples) Candora, who will be able to use the fruit for their collective kitchen and/or a community lunch they hold weekly. Pickers can choose to take their share home, or if they wish, pool the fruit for a later processing day, of which you will be informed.

If you can come, please notify me, take lots of containers, a ladder if you can transport one to the site, and maybe even a tarp to help distinguish already fallen fruit from those that just fell.

Hope to see some of you next Sunday. Bring some friends and relatives.

Hank Binnema