OFRE volunteers help glean a strawberry u-pick farm

strawberry u-pick farm

On a hot, sunny afternoon at the end of July, OFRE volunteers went out to a strawberry u-pick farm North of Edmonton towards Gibbons to glean the patch at the end of the season. Not only did we get to pick fresh strawberries, but they had a small patch of raspberries we picked too. People of all ages came out to partake in the fun.

Afterwards, a couple volunteers gathered together to make 2 OFRE jams from the OFRE portion of the rescued fruit. The sticky looking spoons you see in the bottom corner of the photo are from doing the spoon sheet test. To test if a jam is done, you can take a cold spoon and dip it into the jam mixture and let it drip off, then set it aside in the freezer for 1 minute. If it has jelled, your jam is ready to be poured into jars!

making jam

Here are the jam names and recipes that the volunteers came up with for this jammin’ afternoon.

  • Sublime Mixed Field Berry Jam (lime zest/juice, raspberries, strawberries). So delicious! (pictured in the photo)
  • Berry & Barb’s Jam (Strawberries & Rhubarb. Need I saw more?)


Thanks everyone who came out for a day on farm and for helping making Jam! The OFRE jam’s are available weekly at the 124th Grand Market, which runs Thursday evenings from 5-9pm.