OFRE goes to MEAET 1.0 with pedal powered apple crusher design, Nov. 26

This past summer, OFRE pitched an idea at a great Edmonton initiative put together by Next Gen called MEAET that strives to put micro-funding in the hands of people doing good for the city and community. Everyone who attends the event contributes a fee, and then after all the ideas are pitched, everyone enjoys a meal together and casts their vote for they idea they feel should  receive the funding at the end of the night. We pitched an idea for funding to go towards the development of a pedal-powered apple crusher. One of the conditions of winning is that you will come back to the next MEAET in 11 weeks time to present what you have accomplished so far with your micro-grant funding.

Mike Johnson, the team lead for the project, put together a great progress report that captures the people involved, the ideas, the design questions we tackled in building a pedal powered crusher that can work for a variety of people who differ in age, height and body weight.