It’s peak apple season and ofre had a labourious weekend!

OFRE may have set some new picking records this weekend. Way to go neighborhood captains and pickers!

tall apple tree

apples close up



So what did we accomplish this long and labourious weekend?

  • Most number of picks organized in one weekend (7)
  • Largest geographic area covered in one weekend (St. Albert, Bonnie Doon, Millcreek, Buylea Heights, Castledowns, Oliver)
  • Most number of picks in one day, Labour Day Monday (4)
  • Amount of fruit picked (still need to weigh it…but it’s taken up a significant portion of my yard)
  • Possibly the largest variety of fruits picked: apples (several types), crabapples ( a few types), chokecherries, red currants.
  • Highlight: Apple crushing Garburator is built! Thanks to the amazing handiness of Mike Johnson for getting a brand new garburator on kijiji for a steal and turning it into an awesome apple crushing machine! (photos coming soon)!

It was a weekend of firsts for OFRE. Congrats to everyone for their hardwork! We have come a long way this year in many ways: the number of pickers we have attracted to our organization, getting some much loved media attention (Edmonton Journal, CBC, Radio-Canada), winning our first grant, our stellar new logo and postcards, winning our first grant, producing cider for the Alberta Ave Farmers Market!

I hope there is more exciting things to come for OFRE in the coming months and we will look back at this at the beginning of many exciting things. I have lofty dreams for our little organization. I hope someday we have a space in the urban core where we can teach and help people not only find the fruit hidden in our city, but educate and learn from each other on how to sustainably grow fruit within our urban environment. A place where the wealth that urban food production can bring to spaces, places, and people’s lives is spread and share with others.