Eat Alberta 2012

This past weekend I was at Eat Alberta teaching 2 preserving workshops.
OFRE generously donated Evans Cherries picked by OFRE volunteers last season to make a cherry ginger & honey butter. The picture below is taken by one of the attendees took during the cherry butter session. I was lucky to have Molly MacDougall as my helper. She is standing next to me in the photo. She is also an avid canner, an OFRE volunteer & fruit captain.

The event was such a success in so many ways. I got to share fruit preserving knowledge with local people interested in learning what to do with fruit, got to promote OFRE and connect with other food producers.
We picked up a couple new fruit captains, may have made an exciting connection with a food producer (more on this in the future) and spread the word about how many different kinds of fruit grow here in Edmonton.

I got treated like a fruit preserving expert, but I still have lots to learn too. I loved the event for what it set out to do and what it indeed accomplished: bringing people together to: share, learn, teach and eat!

Eat Alberta