Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT for Fruit Pick Volunteers and Fruit Growers

Fruit Pick Volunteers shall

  • Respect the property and persons of any place entered into as an OFRE volunteer
  • Respect the personal information of co-volunteers and homeowners received through Fruit Rescue volunteering
  • Harvest fruit in a safe and responsible manner
  • Leave the homeowner’s lawn free of fallen fruit and tree debris(leaves, twigs) resulting from fruit rescue
  • Alert the other pick volunteers and the homeowner via email, at least 12 hours in advance, if they are unable to attend a fruit rescue
  • Make reasonable effort to ensure that one volunteer from each fruit rescue donates at least ¼ of the fruit to a charitable organization, and /or ¼  to OFRE
  • Make reasonable effort to ensure that fruit donated to charity on behalf of OFRE is fresh and free of disease or infestation

Fruit Growers shall

  • Respect Fruit Pick Volunteers, understanding that they are volunteers with limitations
  • Respect the personal information of volunteers acquired through OFRE
  • Alert OFRE if they know their fruit is diseased or infested with a fruit pest
  • Provide containers for the amount of fruit they want to keep from the harvest (up to ¼)
  • Endeavour to remove windfall fruit from lawn prior to a fruit rescue, if possible.
  • Endeavour to make the backyard reasonably safe for volunteers entering the property
  • Alert the pick volunteers via email, at least 12 hours in advance, if the fruit rescue needs to be cancelled

If, as a Fruit Pick Volunteer, or a Fruit Grower, you need clarification or feel that another party has not adhered to the Code of Conduct, please alert OFRE at: