Article: ‘5 Urban Farming Lessons’, Pattie Baker

What contributes to the success of gardening and/or farming in an urban space?
Author and community gardener, Pattie Baker shares 6 tips/rules she has learned in the following article she wrote for the magazine Urban Farm, published in the July/August 2011 issue. the article is titled: ‘5 Urban Farming Lessons‘.

Excerpt: “You may think an urban farm or garden starts with soil or seeds, but, really, it starts with connections among people who have a desire to do something good. It is built on the bedrock of relationships that persevere through, shall we say, sunshine as well as stormy weather. For those urban farmers gardening in a postage-stamp-sized lot, the ingenuity put forth by city urban farmers with a whole acre in the city can be awe inspiring. Their large-scale efforts can teach a lot about how to improve any urban-farming situation on a small scale.”